Domestic Violence

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It is best to speak to a domestic violence counselor before going to court. A counselor can help you with your court papers and a safety plan. Visit the links below to find help if you are a victim of domestic violence. You can also contact your local Family Court to find out where to go for help.

Domestic Violence Basics
Get an overview of the law and learn about “intimate partner relationships.”

Domestic Violence Acts/Crimes
Read about “family offenses” that are acts of domestic violence. Learn what different crimes like “assault” and “criminal mischief” mean.

Domestic Violences Resources
Find free and private help and information whether you are ready to leave your abuser or not.

Order of Protection Basics
Learn how a court order can help protect you from abuse or threats of abuse from someone you have a close relationship with. See which courts can help you.

Differences between Criminal and Family Orders of Protection
See a chart comparing family and criminal cases. Use this to help decide which court to use.

Basic Steps in a Family Offense Petition Case
Learn about the basic steps in Family Court domestic violence case from filing to trial.

Filing a Family Offense Petition
Read about how to start a Family Court domestic violence case. Get ideas about what to write when you fill out the court papers.

Criminal Domestic Violence Cases
Get an overview of how an order of protection is issued in a criminal court.

Violation of an Order of Protection
Did your abuser disobey the Order of Protection? Find out what this means.

Domestic Violence (DV) and Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts
Has your case been sent to a DV or IDV court? Learn what this means.

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